Solo Sunday Shopping!

This morning I woke up early and thought I’d enjoy a little bit of retail therapy. So I jumped in the car and took off for Cork city. An hour and a half later I was enjoying a strong americano on Paul Street. It was lashing but I didn’t mind, I caught up with comments, emails and read some new blog rolls. The chatter of other people, the shaking off of wet umbrellas, the steam from the coffee machine and the condensation on the Windows- it felt more like a wet Autumn evening rather than a mid summers day! I could’ve stayed there all day.

I visited art galleries and boutiques until I got to Opera Lane- it’s a good thing I was alone. They should have drop off/play areas for boyfriends. I tried everything on and decided nothing was nice until I found this jumper. It is the perfect jumper for me. I need to find tickets to Electric Picnic so I can wear the dresses and raincoat though.. GOLD LAMÈ!!! 

My last stop was Vibes and Scribes- I could spend hours in this store. I picked up tonnes of supplies and something special for a friend who is expecting. I can’t wait to give it to them and meet their little bundle. 

It’s been a week of only good things which has made the start of my holidays so much better. Seeing two of my best friends with the keys to their new home yesterday was so exciting- it will be beautiful when they are finished with it. I knew my constant pinning would come in handy!! 

Sometimes you need to just do things for yourself. On my way home I had to pull over and take this photograph. We live in an amazing place.  





Taking the long way round- An east coast adventure!

Taking the long way round- An east coast adventure! 

Mum and I decided a trip to IKEA was long overdue and we ran away on a rare day off together. I didn’t have anything in mind that I needed but we came home with a carful anyway. First stop was Kildare Shopping Village, I am not the best early morning shopper so I hid behind my sunglasses sniffing out more coffee. We did however loose ourselves in Cath Kidston and fell for the gorgeous prints and oil cloth. This led to my downfall in IKEA. 

Inspired by Cath I was only delighted to reach the fabric section and pick up some experimental equipment! It’s been about two years since I’ve seen a sewing machine but just wait- there are projects afoot. (Ha! Sewing? Foot? Get it?) 

I really am this lame all the time.

We were starved and a tad bewildered after queuing for so long but we drove to visit some friends in Wicklow. I had never been and the mountains were so beautiful. I’m definitely drawn to green wooded areas more than the sea. It was raining and it still didn’t matter!

Being so close to Greystones we said we’d visit The Happy Pear. I wanted to dive headfirst into the fruit and veg. I’d recommend the mangos. I’m all for healthy eating but it really doesn’t suit me. I had one taste of the chocolate tart and I was done. Great coffee but I was hankering for a Mars Bar as soon as we left! 

We are certainly west coast people so I hadn’t seen the east coast in years. We drove the scenic route back which took us through Wexford (I learned that Wexford has horses in every field and strawberries for sale every 5kms), New Ross and Dungarven. With views of the sea, ships and the gorgeous town of Youghal. I’m coming back to visit for a weekend. We were so glad to see signs for Kerry after hours of driving! We experienced every type of weather that day- roasting hot sun, rain that came down so hard we couldn’t see, thunder and lighting- it’s amazing what this island goes through in a day. 

Next time it’s Belfast and hopefully another trip to Galway, which was exactly a year ago already. Where does the time go? 

Still setting up my sewing machine,



Red hot lips! 

Red hot lips! 

As soon as I’m ready for work I usually have to step away from my make up bag/treasure chest. This is because I will find a product I have forgotten about and want to play.

 Like this morning I had about 20 mins until I had to be there but that Bourgois Velvet Rouge Edition in Hot Pepper was just too irresistible… All of a sudden I remembered the Wet’n’Wild lipstick I bought I wear under it… 18 minutes.

Swooning over swatches I was then looking for the lipliner to match. It’s blunt. Why don’t I ever sharpen these after use??? *makes mental note to sharpen everything that evening*

16 minutes.. Lining my lips, cursing my sharp and pointy Cupid’s bow. I have no bloody time for this! Already searching for cotton pads to remove it but I keep going until it’s even. 15 minutes. 

The Wet’n’Wild lipstick applied I remembered why I bought them together- the Velvet Rouge is very drying. Liberally applying both I am transformed into some from of Tim Burton pale, red cheeked, red lipped creature with wild hair. I have given up ‘styling’ as its shoved into a net these days. 

Gazing in wonder at the colour I realised I now have 12 minutes. Wonderful. I also remembered how hard it was to remove. 11 minutes. Car keys in hand and cotton  pads with any cleanser I can find rammed into my mouth in the vain attempt not to look like a cannibal as I stroll casually through the doors. 

Made it to work albeit a little frazzled, sad that I didn’t have that gorgeous colour on anymore! 

I’m on holidays next week- guess who is going to wear this colour even in her pjs? 



Everyday Summer Glow Products

Everyday Summer Glow Products

Today’s face consisted of very little- just a little conceal and sparkle. I begin with my BeeBio Active Manuka Honey Eye Cream with Bee Venom. It works wonders for the bags under my eyes and leaves my skin so smooth. 

Everyday Summer Glow Products
After I ran out of my favourite NYX HD concealer I went to CH Chemist to repurchase and they were out of stock (it seems to be out of stock everywhere) and I needed a replacement. I’m not a fan of the Rimmel Wake Me Up or Bourjois Healthy Mix versions so I thought I’d give Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix a go. 

For one it’s a great shade, covers my blue bags under the eyes with a light coverage that is build able. Fix with powder and it’s good for the day. I think it was about €3! 

Another Makeup Revolution product was the strobe cream for €12- An iridescent gold shimmer that makes even the palest of people glow. When I’m off out I apply to collarbones, arms and legs. Shake well and apply lightly and quickly – putting too much on in one spot will cause it to crumble. I usually work it into the back of my hand then apply. My arm is actually gold in the first image!

Onto the Ps Instant Radiance Serum I picked up in Penneys for €3.50. If you put it at the till I’m going to buy it- simples. I’ve mixed this in with my foundation and I couldn’t see a difference myself but it photographs well and gives you a healthy look rather than just flat foundation face.

And onto Inglot for my favourite sparkle of all! Anyone can feel like they fell out of Neverland with this product. Highlight cheekbones, use as eyeshadow, just sprinkle about because it’s pretty and nice. 

It’s nearly the weekend people! Get outside and do something lovely-



Confidence is the key to Going Barefaced.

Confidence is the key to Going Barefaced.

There is an inordinate amount of pressure put on women to look their very best. With the recent news that Alicia Keys and Cameron Diaz have stopped wearing make up altogether it got me thinking. A lot of women go to work everyday with make up  and without and I have such a respect for people who can get up and put on a full face of makeup before work. Walking into Brown Thomas or Inglot at 9am makes me feel so bad- I could’ve made the effort, I don’t have the skills, Why don’t I look like them, I need everything on the display…

Instead my morning is a rushed concealer job with the absolutely necessary eyebrows so I don’t scare small children. Eyebrows have always been an issue for me- they don’t grow, are sparse and blonde. Lotions, potions, Castor oil, Vaseline, Billion dollar brows, tinting, I have had mine plucked once in 18 months. It’s time again to get them shaped but I’m at a loss. So filling in is my solution for now!

I have one dimple. Just the one. Which makes my smile lopsided. The other dimple resides on the end of my nose. Thanks nature. My jawline has one rounded and one pointed corner. My forehead resembles Gordon Ramsey’s. I have sat and studied this moonface in front of the mirror for as long I can remember. I’ve picked the worst parts about it and only in my twenties come to find nice things about it. My wrinkly eyes are like my Grandads but blue like my Dad, my Mum also has a wonky smile,when it’s sunny I get freckles, with makeup I can mask the rest. Why should I?

We are plagued with articles in the media that slate women- who wore it best, who has the worst cellulite, make up disasters, bad hair, the list goes on and on. Sometimes I stay in my pyjamas all day and just add lipstick. What would HEAT mag say about that?! For one I’d like to see a magazine building women up- congratulate women for making it through the day. Sarah Millican has set up an online magazine that is a breath of fresh air- articles written by women about women doing awesome women shit. No ‘look who’s got tanlines’ bullshit. Other good eggs doing us a favour are Caitlin Moran and Cherry Healy.
Don’t get me wrong I adore make up, applying, buying, fawning over cute packaging, even taking it off. Wearing it everyday so I don’t feel like people are looking at me is annoying. I want to leave the house and not feel judged. So going barefaced for a while is an option but ultimately it’s about being comfortable in your own skin. 

So for now here is my no make up face, I’m sure Alicia wouldn’t approve the filter but you get no painted on eyebrows. I can’t be that exposed. Not just yet.

Feeling a bit more confident,



Summer, Summertime!

I’ve been looking forward to the June Bank Holiday for weeks, especially since the the weather has been so good recently. Ireland is the greatest place on earth when it is sunny and this weekend it is the return of BikeFest in Killarney. 

We suffer through the Rally of the Lakes and wait for the Big Boys to roll in- the atmosphere as soon as you hear the rumble of engines is incredible. They usually bring good weather with them which means outdoors daytime drinking – Irish people live for it!  If ever you’re free come to Killarney.

This morning I revisited Desire Restaurant at the Westend to have more of my fave breakfast. Crepes stuffed with fruit yum yum! 

At work we wear a uniform so it was time to break out the summer wardrobe- I’m an Autumn/Winter person so dressing for summer has usually ended up in tears. Body confidence issues throughout my teenage life creep up as soon as its shorts season. This year was no different but I’ve decided to overcome these silly thoughts. My legs aren’t toned, I’m squishy in places and I eat too much pizza. Again I’m too lazy. They say summer bodies are made in winter but that’s hibernation time! 

And so to the wardrobe I seem to have cleaned out NewLook and Penneys this season- I have yet to get near a city- Killarney is so limited when it comes to clothing! I end up returning everything I buy online so it’s pointless. With limited time off too I find I wear one outfit then I’m done- does anyone else have these problems or am I just nuts?! 

I’m enjoying not wearing as much makeup (with extra highlight though!), flip flops, sunglasses and big skirts- there is no better feeling than a big skirt 👑 

If anyone else is enjoying the ‘lush life’ like me I would thoroughly recommend visiting Irish Whiskey Experience. For the best gin and tonic in town try the Dingle Gin with basil and grapefruit or Bertha’s Revenge Gin with grapefruit, just like its namesake it’s got a bit of heat to it. The staff are friendly and the chips are great. 

I hope everyone is having a glorious time- Happy Long Weekend! 


Drink and Draw Night!

Tonight a gang of us headed to a Drink and Draw night with local artist Deborah O Keefe. We’ve known Deborah for a few years now and her work is amazing- straight out of your favourite children’s story book beautiful! 

The concept came from America and has travelled here. For €20 we are given all the supplies necessary and 1 drink of your choice from the bar! 

For 2 hours you are completely in another world, lost in smudging and colouring, I didn’t want it to end. Here’s what we were following –

I was very rusty but rustled up this- 

My mum and I obviously had the messiest  table! 

I can’t wait to go home and stick it on the fridge, 2 hours of silliness and snacks!! 

I’m definitely coming again- if you would like to attend please contact Deborah on Facebook and book a place. It’s well worth it 😊 


Review: Joico Cleansing Range

Joico were kind enough to send me their new product Moisture Co + Wash Whipped Cleansing Conditioner for dry hair- already I’m into it! 

 As you may know I have curly unruly hair- sometimes it’s nice other times I resemble Stig of the Dump. It’s never the same once it’s been washed either and has a mind of its own. I’ve been trying desperately to get my hair back to it’s natural state after years of abusing it (all on my Instagram feed if you’d like to see). I had been using Joico Curl Cleansing Sulfate Free Shampoo for a few weeks and it had made my curls so healthy and fresh looking so I was intrigued by the conditioner. Packed with ingredients like Jojoba and Shea it helps your hair retain it’s natural oils and doesn’t feel stripped and dry.

Like a mouse in consistency- it’s creamy and so moisturising. I used it for the first time this morning and my hair felt lighter and so clean. Some products can leave my hair feeling heavy or with a residue but this was really fresh. I already love Joico products but I have finally found products to help my hair! 

I never know how it’s going to end up until it is dry so here is a before- 

And an after- soft lightweight curls that didn’t take hours to dry!!

Joico products are available to order online and to buy in Kopper Hair Salon which I have to visit soon. I haven’t seen a hairdresser since Christmas (Shame!) Hopefully they can tame my mane! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend- 



Writer’s Block and Wish Lists.

I’ve been in hiding. Actually I have been hidden away by work, hidden from the sun, keeping me inside where I’ve become gloomy. This does not suit my personality at all. I have been working on a secret project of late which I absolutely adore- I get to use my skills and love of writing and blogging and this has made such a difference to my life.

I know what I want to do now. Isn’t it strange that it took 6 years after my Leaving Certificate to realise? Well I do now and that’s all that matters. All will be revealed in time.

In other ways it has affected my life badly I’ve become an awful blogger with awful writer’s block and that will have to change! So much for being nominated for an award- I’d have to give it back out of shame! I did see that a few people who’s blogs I love made the shortlist so a big shout out to Damien Broderick and The Two Darlings! Well done!

As I finally have internet again I have filled every single wish list there is online. I have a family wedding in September and have picked at least 50 ‘maybe’ dresses. I’ll probably go for the very first one I picked. It’s payday tomorrow so I think the Asos and Feel Unique baskets will finally be bought. Yay. I really want to try the Mary Lou-Miniser and I definitely need new foundation and skincare. The ‘new’ job is causing serious havoc with my skin. I have also been using the i-White strips so I have a review coming soon. Has anyone else tried these?

I have no other news but there are a few lovely posts on their way soon. I hope everyone had a great weekend-



Ps. Hello new readers from Russia and China! (If you are real)

Little things…

It’s Saturday and my holidays have come to an end. I’ve spent the morning blogging, editing and drafting and took no notice of the gorgeous day outside! My favourite thing to do is sit on my bench with a coffee. I love the little lane we live in, it’s so quiet and tranquil but today the usual noise of birds singing and lawn mowers is mixed with newborn lambs bleating in the next field! Too cute!

I’ve been so busy this week that I kind of forgot to enjoy my holiday and relax but today I’ve been able to slow down and take stock and there are loads of things I can be happy about – I start a ‘new’ job at work tomorrow, I’m meeting some of my oldest friends for dinner tonight, my blog was long listed for ‘Best Newcomer’ for the Irish Beauty Blog Awards and I’m spending my afternoon out in the sunshine.. 

It really is the little things!