Benefit Brows Are The Answer

For years I’ve ruined my brows with wax, threading, dyeing, over plucking and general abuse. As a kid I had sparse, blonde eyebrows that were like two rectangles on my forehead. When my mum caved and let me get them shaped I was obsessed with keeping them thin. This also caused years of torturous regrowth and filling in.

As a commitment to them I have let them go wild since last December. That probably sounds crazy but they are so fair you can’t see them. They’ve come a long way but it has taken ages! I used to spend a frightening about of time on them. Who doesn’t spend the majority of their morning drawing on eyebrows?

Well, now you really don’t have to labor over them anymore. No more brushing, fixing into place, finding the perfect shade of gel or powder, loosing your rag when your fave brow brush goes missing.. it’s all  over.

Benefit have changed the game. Releasing a range of eyebrow products that literally change your life. I’m not even being a tad over dramatic here. You need to get your hands on these products!

Goof Proof Brow Pencil (shade no. 2) and Gimme Brow (shade no. 1) are amazing and should’ve gone in my favorites post! Goof Proof is the easiest pencil to use, a diamond shaped tip blends, fills and defines all in one go. Once I’m happy with my general shape I use Gimme Brow to create fuller brows and with the tiny precision tip it is so easy. I’m not a make up artist obviously but I love the look of my brows now. 

The range is so extensive and the shades will suit just about anyone! Do yourself a favor and pick them up now,





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