My Favorite Products This Month

As a nation who battle Rickets and a lack of vitamin D each summer we tend to tan a lot for that ‘healthy glow’. There have been complete and utter failures on the tanning front. I’ve learned my lesson and through some ugly attempts I have come to the conclusion that cremes and mousses are my friends. Step up my favorite product so far this year- L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Fresh Feel Gel. I wrote about it earlier this year if you would like more information. I use this every week, so easy to apply and get rid off. Everyone should try it.

Next up is iWhite, instant teeth whitening. 5 days, 10 trays, easy. I would highly recommend these whitening strips. As we cannot get hold of Crest strips here in Eire this seems to be the next option. I noticed a difference after two days and unlike other whitening gels or toothpastes I didn’t suffer from any sensitivity afterwards. They are sold in Boots for around 30 euro, but were recently on offer. They can be used should you have an occasion coming up and want those pearly whites. I would also like to point out that you should visit your dentist before taking on any whitening treatments. Look after your teeth!

My favorites list wouldn’t be true if I didn’t include a hair care product. Xpert Professional Structure Smooth Shock Foaming Oil (that’s a mouthful) is amazing. I’ve naturally dry, frizzy curls and this is the ultimate frizz free product. Not only does this smell amazing, it holds the curls for days. Works beautifully with a blow dry too, especially if you have thick hair, no fly aways. A massive thumbs up for this one.

Face masks seem to be the next beauty craze and I have been using the Beauty Pro Collagen Mask with Brightening Vitamin C. I tend to use these when I’m alone as they are quite frightening. No one needs to meet the DHL guy in this bad boy. They are “formulated with high potency vitamins, herbs and botanicals”, they also sound like the back of a gin bottle. Unfold the mask, slap it on the watch some crap reality TV for 15 minutes. Maybe even pour yourself an actual g&t in the process. Happy days.

Now onto the most disappointing product I’ve ever come across. Simple was a brand I used to use but after the age of 16 you move on from. I was hoping for a gentle cleanser for my eyes but alas no. Kind to Eyes Eye Makeup Remover I had hoped would rid me of mascara and the likes with a simple wipe. This stuff burned the eyes out of my head. The product stings your skin and eyeballs and leaves a sticky residue behind. After washing my eyes with warm water, the burning subsided. I think I’ll sticking to Micellar water from now on. Be very careful of this should you have sensitive eyes!

That is my list so far this season, although I know in about a week I’m going to decide it is Autumn and out come all the pumpkin spiced candles, winter layers and Dr. Martens. So long sandals I’m over summer now. Anyone feeling like this?







More east coast adventuring.

I’ve fallen for Dun Laoghaire in all it’s glory. The seaside, the houses, the proximity to Dublin without being Dublin. 

It reminds me so much of Cowes on the Isle of Wight where we would visit my grand parents and great grandparents. The ships in the harbour, ice cream and fresh fish. 

I’m a green forest person. I like trees and parks but I think the cute homes swung it for me! I may have to visit again.

We were lucky to get scorching weather so we chilled out in the garden, watching the planes fly over head as they returned to the Air show in Bray. 

Evening strolls around the mews, terraces and private lanes fed my real estate appetite. Although now I’m lusting for a 4 floor, big windowed, pale pink palace. 

I must remember to play the Lotto.



My Love of Shirts!

Shirts and blouses. Collarless, giant collars, collars with sparkles. Short sleeve, long sleeves. Fitted, long, layered. They range from black to grey to white. Sometimes they are patterned.

I love shirts. 

Could you tell?

A shirt or blouse for every occasion. Wear them structured, nonchalantly draped or under your favourite jumper or leather jacket, heels or flats. They are my best wardrobe friend!

Some of my all time favourites have been from Marks and Spencer. Great quality, affordable prices AND extra buttons for the larger busted ladies. Nothing worse than a gaping shirt! 

They are killing it with their range recently and I searched long and hard for this one. Alexa Chung teamed up with M&S to create the Archive Collection. Jazzing up pieces throughout the years and bringing them into modern times. 

They created this shirt in both white and blush. Victorian ruffles, structured, high collar, the softest cotton. It was a thing of beauty. It was released and sold out within days, I had no luck. Until I searched the sale online- a size 10 just waiting to be popped into the basket! I was even too impatient to iron it for a proper photo. It also makes me feel like I’m in a Tim Burton film. 

Not just content with finally buying THE shirt, I had another snoop and found this floral masterpiece with navy velvet bow. Navy velvet bow! 

Limited Edition has always been a favourite collection and this has just been added my own collection. Perfect for late summer into autumn. Another nod to that 70’s boho trend that seems to be trucking along into each season nicely.

The Alexa Shirt was €15.99 down from €50 and the Limited Edition blouse is €40. Finding that shirt was like adding a piece of fine art to a wall. I do have an addiction! 


Winter Crumble in July.

Last week Amazon delivered a lovely package containing Tanya Bakes which I have been dying to try out! I’ve read and re-read it from cover to cover, it looks great and very, very tempting. 

With the weather being terrible, we decided it was a comfort food kind of a day and crumble was the answer. Time to put my new purchase to the test. 

The recipes are very easy to follow and lets you know exactly what you need in advance. I loathe getting half way through a recipe and realising I don’t have the required 22cm square tin or something!

15 mins to prep and 45 to cook. You will need a deep oven proof dish. I used 4 cooking apples, blackberries and raspberries. I’ll try it with rhubarb next. 

Chop fruit,place into the dish and sprinkle with cinnamon. To make crumble topping use 1tsp baking powder, 100g butter, 125g sugar. Crumble with fingers to create a bread crumb consistency. Pour over the top of your fruit and bake at 170*

Serve warm with ice cream or custard. 
I’m probably going to make everything in this book- well done to Tanya, it’s a lovely collection of recipes.

Sweet tooth 1, healthy eating plan 0.