Taking the long way round- An east coast adventure!

Taking the long way round- An east coast adventure! 

Mum and I decided a trip to IKEA was long overdue and we ran away on a rare day off together. I didn’t have anything in mind that I needed but we came home with a carful anyway. First stop was Kildare Shopping Village, I am not the best early morning shopper so I hid behind my sunglasses sniffing out more coffee. We did however loose ourselves in Cath Kidston and fell for the gorgeous prints and oil cloth. This led to my downfall in IKEA. 

Inspired by Cath I was only delighted to reach the fabric section and pick up some experimental equipment! It’s been about two years since I’ve seen a sewing machine but just wait- there are projects afoot. (Ha! Sewing? Foot? Get it?) 

I really am this lame all the time.

We were starved and a tad bewildered after queuing for so long but we drove to visit some friends in Wicklow. I had never been and the mountains were so beautiful. I’m definitely drawn to green wooded areas more than the sea. It was raining and it still didn’t matter!

Being so close to Greystones we said we’d visit The Happy Pear. I wanted to dive headfirst into the fruit and veg. I’d recommend the mangos. I’m all for healthy eating but it really doesn’t suit me. I had one taste of the chocolate tart and I was done. Great coffee but I was hankering for a Mars Bar as soon as we left! 

We are certainly west coast people so I hadn’t seen the east coast in years. We drove the scenic route back which took us through Wexford (I learned that Wexford has horses in every field and strawberries for sale every 5kms), New Ross and Dungarven. With views of the sea, ships and the gorgeous town of Youghal. I’m coming back to visit for a weekend. We were so glad to see signs for Kerry after hours of driving! We experienced every type of weather that day- roasting hot sun, rain that came down so hard we couldn’t see, thunder and lighting- it’s amazing what this island goes through in a day. 

Next time it’s Belfast and hopefully another trip to Galway, which was exactly a year ago already. Where does the time go? 

Still setting up my sewing machine,




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