Radiant Skin with Forever: Skin Care Review

A few weeks ago I was completely dehydrated due to illness. When I think of dehydration I think Sahara Desert and that’s exactly what happened to my hair, nails and skin. Afterwards I noticed that my nails were flaking, hair was straw like and my skin awful in texture and appearance.

I drink tonnes of water, well I try to drink 2 litres a day but even that wasn’t enough. I needed twice that, a bottle of moisturiser a day and supplements. I could feel the skin between my fingers cracking and it hurt like billy-o. I needed  some serious TLC and that is when Shauna stepped in. I was gifted some Forever products to try- Forever is Aloe Vera based and I was keen to try anything that would bring my skin back from the brink. I have redness (green and purpleness too) and was eager I tried the Sonya Aloe Balancing Cream with the Aloe Nourishing Serum with White Tea. Within 3 days I had a more even skin tone and I felt like I didn’t need concealer under my eyes or around my nose. Now I’m skeptical when it comes to serums I usually think they are unnessesary but the dryness under my eyes cleared up straight away. I love to use facail oils but this was the only product to make a physical difference. The oils were literally sliding off my face and the serum worked magic and hydrated me again. Definitely worth purchasing if you need some serious help,the Balancing Cream retails at €35.71 and the Serum at €46.52, my skin is Forever grateful!


I roped my boyfriend into sampling the other products, he works with steel, so dirt and grease combined with open pores means he suffers with breakouts. I asked him to give the Aloe Scrub and the Marine Mask a go and to my surprise he loved them. He has tried every scrub on the market to try and combat spots and it was the combination of the Aloe Scrub and the Marine Mask that worked for him- he tried the mask twice and his forehead cleared up in days. After seeing his results I also tried it and it was lovely. When dried it does show off all your lines but it’s only temporary thankfully. Ha! He drew the line in taking a photo in the mask (poor Instagram Husband marks) but I will be ordering this for him as it suited his skin so well. The scrub retails at €17.64 and the mask at €25.05.



Forever also does makeup and I had a love affair with their Sonya  Delicious Lipstick range- so creamy, pigmented and moisturising. Each one was a beautiful colour especially Almond 434 which is a nude colour. I really liked the Luscious Lip Colour in Cinnamon 427. It smells amazing and when applied is metallic!  I havn’t tried the Kylie Kits yet but this gives a gorgeous finish so I would be interested to try them both out. The lipsticks retail at €20.73 and the lipgloss €26.36, my favourite overall was Copper 408.

Thank you to Shauna who has saved our skin and who has gained two more customers. Any products here can be ordered from her, you can find her on Facebook at Forever Beauty. They have a huge range of products that are well worth checking out!

I must also thank everyone who nominated my blog for ‘Best Newcomer’ in the Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2016. Just to be nominated is such an honour and is it lovely to have my work acknowledged- I’m so grateful and thrilled!

Feeling very loved,


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