Festivals (or lack thereof this year)

I love a good festival. Flower crowns, mosh pits, uv face paint. When drinking in a field at 11am is acceptable. Love them. I have attended my fair share of them too- Electric Picnic being my favourite. Oxegen was the go to before it became the no.1 place to get stabbed.

There are more festivals than ever before running each weekend this summer. It is certainly one of the go to places for a festival in Europe despite the guaranteed rain. I have no qualms paying a few hundred quid to go see bands, sleep in a tent and enjoy a few days of debauchery. I’ve seen plenty of my favourites throughout the years- Elbow, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Fat Boy Slim, Groove Armada, Massive Attack, Sigur Ros, Chemical Bros, Florence, Vampire Weekend. The list goes on. Nothing sounds like a summer festival then Florence’s harp. Watching her on stage is a magical experience! I go for the music and have no issue going to see someone on my own, like Robert Plant EP2013, it was epic. Sadly this year we did not get EP tickets. This has been a massive disappointment and would be some kind of miracle if we got our hands on them. Of all the festivals we love EP – the crowd, the food, Body and Soul, Yoga at 8am, the guy with the spray on hair we meet at the train station every year.. we are heartbroken.

We have looked into other ones to see if they would fill the void. Forbidden Fruit looked promising as did Longitude. Maybe we should just go on a holiday. I hear there is a sweet Yoga festival on down in Ballydehob in August.

Seeing pictures of Coachella has just set off the disappointment again. Everyone looks so good although I know we never look like that. More like we have travelled to the ploughing championships and become one with the mud. Hats off to my Hunter wellies bought 6 or 7 years ago they have served me so well. All I need is a good raincoat, plenty of socks and a hat. My picks for this year, in the vain hope we go anywhere- Hunter, Boohoo, Opsh and Argos- which sells the best tent going. Purchased for and donated after every festival!

People still ask me how can you stand it? After this long you don’t care about the state of the toilets, the fact there is inadequate water pressure in the showers, a lack of sleep, muddy boots, wasps, the hour long queue for the ATM, a constant bum belonging to someone else in your camping chair.

We get off the train on the Monday claiming “NEVER AGAIN” and “I MEAN IT THIS YEAR”. We have a proper shower, a kip, something to eat, maybe a little cry, pour over the photos, cut off the manky wristband, add it to the collection and the excitement for next year sets in.


If you know of anyone getting rid of tickets please let me know, I’d really appreciate it. If you have tickets then I really hope you enjoy it, buy a programme, do everything, go see bands you would never usually listen too. You won’t be disappointed!

Sitting here in a flower crown,



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