‘Spending’ an afternoon off is dangerous: Haul



What happens when I work a rare early shift and then have some spare hours in the afternoon? Bad things happen.

Working afternoons/evenings means my mornings are full with jobs I have to do and I don’t usually get out to damage my bank account as much as I’d like. This is a good thing but when the chance arises I do jump at it! It started in New Look and steadily got worse the closer I got to town.


NewLook has some of the cutest summer clothes at the minute and my local branch just launched homeware (as if I needed to know this). Knowing damn well the ‘buy now or regret it’ phrase is the absolute truth I picked up 2 plain white tshirts and this stripey top which has been mistaken for a shopping bag by more than one person. Defective shopping bag or not it shall be worn.

The sun is out today but it is no where near hot enough for this yet. A bargain at €9.99 I think I will keep an eye out for any more to team with cut offs and Birkinstocks.

I also picked up some copper tealight holders (which are now on offer) and an LED light up mint green arrow, which I needed. Badly. Then I got to Penneys and as you can imagine I was half way through when I decided I should’ve picked up a basket. I know I’m not alone when I just pick up the basics and your already fifty quid down- tanning mitts, hair ties, socks, candles and pjs. All necessary. I decided against picking up bikinis as the thought of wearing less than 8 layers of clothes was still to much to think about. But I’ve picked my faves out on the website and just hope they are still there when I go back.


From there we went to TKMaxx which is always a bad idea, the leggings I picked up were worth it though. I really like 90 Degree by Reflex gym wear and geometric print speaks to me. They are the comfiest, softest leggings ever! Having a Nike store outlet store in town also helps so the boyfriend and I got new Roshes. No you aren’t seeing things they are the same pair. We will have to work out some schedule so we don’t go out matching. We aren’t THAT couple. Not yet anyways.

Well that’s todays post, it is quite lazy actually, I promise I will more effort into the next one. I’m off to sit outside in the sun while it is there. I hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday.


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