My Enormous Secret Hoard Of Elle Magazines

mg3 When I decided to write this, I didn’t realise what a ridiculous task I was about to undertake. Having moved house (10 times in past 6 years!) my collection has been spread out all over the place. Therefore taking photos of the only magazines I had to hand and not the entire collection in all it’s glory.

They’re mostly stored in my boyfriends garage. I do believe helping prop up the shell of a vintage BMW 2002.  I’m unable to find solace in this but cannot argue as storage is extremely limited.

I thrive on my monthly fix and it won’t stop anytime soon. I leave them lying around so that the ‘WE’RE GETTING A BIGGER HOUSE!’ phrase becomes a reality rather than just a chat.

I am aware that if I stopped buying them and instead saved that money I would own the Miu Miu ballet pumps instead of reading about them. My collection started to grow from the age of 15 and I have learned so much from the people who contribute to every issue. Throughout my teenage years and into early adulthood I have read about life, friendships, cooking, sex, exercise, feminism, music, books and art but most of all I developed a love of writing. I would not think of myself as a writer but I love doing so.

Having an inspiring group of women showcase their abilities, talents and style each month is what I love about Elle. Hats off to Donna Wallace, Anne-Marie Curtis and the ultimate boss; Lorraine Candy for showing me how to accessorize, take charge and inspire me to start running! They have helped shape not only my wardrobe but my opinions. Feminism has been a main focus of the magazines recently, not only has this raised my own awareness of it but has made me more vocal about it. If you haven’t seen coverstar Emma Watson give her HeForShe speech then watch it here. It could change your opinion too.

Equality is all we’re asking for guys, after all not only are we ‘smart enough to make millions and bear children but then we also get back to business’. Which leads me to talk about this months cover star; a mother,  business woman and superstar. Everyone knows her whether it be the Destiny’s Child or Sasha Fierce version. Beyoncé can do NO wrong in eyes – enviable thighs/hair/energy, unlimited songs to suit every life situation and now a clothing line with Topshop.

Although branded as ‘gym-wear’ Ivy Park would be wasted on actual exercise. Worn only for lounging around acting like you exercise. Suitable only for when you want those instag’s double tapped and I need it all. What isn’t to love about that woman?

mg1Speaking of women, some of my idols have graced the cover of Elle. Gwen Stefani, Courtney Love, Sarah Jessica Parker, The Olsen twins – picking one cover was tough but Mary Kate won. Victoria Beckham, her husband David who was the first and only man on the cover. Katie Price, Kate Hudson, Kylie Minogue, Keira Knightley, Lily Allen, Scarlett Johansen, Anne Hathaway, the list goes on and on and on.


My collection began around the time that Lorraine Candy took over as Editor In Chief. For ten years Lorraine has steered the ship and brought an outstanding collection to the table each month. Challenging a variety of topics and ever-changing styles, while also holding down the fort to a husband and 4 young children of her own. A powerhouse in her own right and inspiration to me.

My dream night out would be attending the Elle Style Awards; a night of beautiful designer gowns, enviable friendships developed over bottles of champagne and photographs that would adorn my walls forever. Forget weddings and loved ones, I met Giles Deacon!

For now I will have to keep my library in the garage, in a sad disused wardrobe but soon I shall take the trip to Ikea and buy multiple units and have glass doors and lighting fitted. Excessive maybe but I have spent this long hoarding why not show off my addiction to the world?


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