It’s nearly that time again…


My relationship with tan is an odd one. I hate the idea of going for a spray tan, where you stand in your little paper knickers and do the funky chicken just to get even coverage. All while making small talk with the poor girl who has to see your naked bod. I got used to having spray tans in the comfort of my own home when I lived with a fabulous beautician. Although all four of us were gorgeous and tanned then, the upkeep once we all parted ways was tough. I fell out of the routine of waxing, shaving, exfoliating, moisturising, plucking, preening.. it was too much work to then go and tan myself.

This may seem like the laziest thing and I know people will think just that. I have a serious respect for anyone who can keep up tanning, I’m now just one of those ‘special occasion’ tanners. As soon as I do and I emerge from the bathroom a sun kissed, bronzed, sleek goddess I can’t understand why I don’t so it every week?

It takes about 36 hours that’s why!sub4

I’ve used them all St. Tropez, TanOrganics, St. Moritz, Cocoa Brown, Boots Soltan- the latter two my favourite actually. Creams, mousses, sprays, with mitt, without mitt, gloves, it’s frustrating when you put in so much effort and wake up with patches. Why can’t I just like my pale skin? Society says no and everyone and everything looks better with a tan. Fact.

As the warmer months are approaching and we may cure the Rickets we have most certainly developed, I feel the need to fake it. If I start now then come summer I may be a nice colour and have a routine down. Tired of mousse I went on the search for something new and came across L’Oreal Sublime Bronze. A gel that is as easy as applying moisturiser, doesn’t smell like tan and dries quickly. Less time looking like John Wayne the better.

One coat and I woke up looking kind of sun kissed but I knew another night and I would get the shade I was looking for. I really enjoyed using this and is so easy to use there should be no excuse not to keep it up!

5 stars L’Oreal. I found mine in Bradley’s Pharmacy, Killarney and is usually under €20. Happy days. Here’s to faking it even when it is snowing outside!


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