Blogger Beauty Box: March 2016


Beauty boxes are common these days but there was something about this one that really stood out for me! The Blogger Beauty Box is the creation of Vix Meldrew, if you do not know who this lady is then sort it out.


A box of beauty products, both make up and skincare, which is sent to your gaff for £10. Or €12 in my case which includes postage. The box didn’t even close properly with this months 3 samples and 4 full size products! When you take into account that one of these products costs £20, you do really appreciate the time and effort that goes into them. Snaps for Vix.

4The first thing to catch my eye is the beautiful packaging of the Magic Organic Apothocary MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil, £20 for 30ml. I love essential oil products and I know it is going straight on my face. Geranium and rosehip are perfect for my skin type- lined, dry, irregular pigmentation and sensitive.

The oil fights off premature aging with the help of rosehip, which is full of fatty acids and Vitamin A and C. These help skin regeneration and with help from yarrow, geranium and marshmallow extract they will help balance out skin tone, soothe and cleanse. The smell is amazing and is warm on the skin, it’s like a spa date at the end of the day!


Another delve into the box and I am naturally attracted to Faust’s Potions. Not a brand I’m familiar with but I’m instantly interested when they claim they can help with-

“Hangovers. Jetlag. Exhaustion. Ailments of a 21st century lifestyle”.3

Vitamin and herbal supplement drinks that help nurture the body when it needs it most. Now I’m currently fighting off a nasty virus and as soon as I’m better I’ll give them a go to boost my immune system.

The package is Limited Edition in support of the Elephant  Family Charity- charitable to your body and the animal kingdom. Made in the UK, available to order online, £5.99 per pack.


I love Manuka Honey, I used to have tonsillitis frequently and this was a great remedy and I continue to use it most days. BeeBio have now combined it with Bee Venom to create an anti-aging eye crème. Tops!2

Everyone in my family inherited my late Grandads wrinkly eyes. They’re only visible when laughing so it’s no bad thing but as I get older they are sticking around. I dabbed a small amount around the eye area and instantly felt and saw a difference. This is being swiftly added to the daily routine. Cell regeneration, hydration and anti-oxidant activity combine to support skin renewal, texture and improves collagen- so no Botox for now!

Under these products was a very interesting product – SASS, Perfect Skin Concentrate.6.png

“Helps to prevent ingrown hairs, reduce hair re-growth and soothes post-shave”. I have to say I have never seen a product like this. I did some more research on this and found a whole range available in Boots and is very well priced. With this in mind I think the pain of waxing is over! For €7.29 it is very well packaged and after using it, I shall be adding it to the regime. Very gentle even on my sensitive skin.

The 3 samples we received were Merumaya- Mud Marvels Mask. I use clay/mud masks quite often. I feel my skin gets more of a cleanse from mud than a liquid cleanser. Decongests, detoxifies, clarifies and deep cleanses- can I just take a bath in it please?

The two little pots were a Maya Hair Treatment- a styling and curling crème. Maya is a natural oil based product, I use them on my face why not in my hair? And one pot of JR Organics moisturiser, instant hydration from a handy handbag sized pot!

ALL of this for €12! I am so impressed with this box. An amazing achievement every month from an amazing lady. Go support a fellow blogger and help spread the word. Boxes are available to order here and they do sell out every month. My order is going in now!

This also happens to be my 50th blog post! Yay for the little things 🙂



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