Joico Colour Infuse Review

My hair has been growing so quickly since I decided to leave behind the days of being blonde. As much as I miss it, I have been tempted with the beautiful copper, caramel tones that suit brunettes. I have been psyching myself up to get it cut for a few weeks now but can’t bring myself to part with the inches!

When JOICO sent me some ‘Colour Infuse Brown’ shampoo and conditioner to sample I was a bit hesitant as it was for brunettes. I wondered how the ‘Colour-depositing’ products would effect my blonde ends. The only way to know was to use them and I was surprised by the outcome. Not only did it colour my hair but my walls, shower curtain and nails!! (This stuff means business) I would not advise it to anyone with blonde they want to keep blonde BUT I quite liked the colour I got.


The science behind it all:

Anionic Dye Technology– Exclusive technology that enhances colour attachment to hair fibres.

Multi-Spectrum Defence Complex– Infusion of green tea, antioxidants and sunscreen that protect hair from both physical and environmental factors.

Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex– JOICO’s powerful reconstructive technology repairs existing hair and resists further damage from styling for up to 25 shampoos.

I kept using the shampoo and conditioner and the colour has stayed a soft caramel colour, nearly 4 weeks later I still like it. It has balanced out my natural colour too which has always looked a little mousey. It got rave reviews on Xposé this week and I know that the range is certainly worth looking into- especially the Red Colour Infuse. The conditioner works wonders, I find my hair is softer and is less easily damaged by heat. Just remember to scrub your nails and cuticles afterwards!

My next purchase may have to be the new Colour Balance Blue Shampoo and Conditioner once I top up my ombre. JOICO is stocked in salons nationwide and is rrp €16.95 each. More information found at XpertPro.



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