Busy busy!

Things have been very quiet on here for the past 2 weeks. Work has kept me very busy and I have been throwing myself into being as active as possible. I’m glad I’ve taken that step as last night I went out and felt really good. It was definitely a mix of the company, cocktails and running- I’ve noticed such a difference in my confidence which is the biggest pay off. Outfit is from Penneys girl. Black suede skirt ā‚¬12 and t-shirt ā‚¬4- Bargain!


We were in Cork for my friends birthday- too much Prosecco, too much dancing and too much late night pizza but it was so worth the sore feet today! I love those ladies. I also found my new favourite cocktail- Voodoo Grog. I felt like a Viking though, the glass was as big as my head…



Attempting to pack 4 nights into one carry on as I’m flying to London in the morning- a mini break with my sister and Nana. So excited to be bringing her on a girly trip and will document our travels. I’m a wimp when it comes to flying and my Nana is worse so I feel really sorry for my sister. Ha!

Next week it’s giveaway time- Stay tuned!

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