Monday on Mangerton- SOS

I used to see people making their way up a mountain and I’d laugh at them. Who wants to trek up the side of a hill in the rain, sandwiches and spare socks in a bag? Well me now actually.


As a promise to myself I’m staying active. Not everyday and still no sight of a kettlebell, I have become obsessed with being outside. Rain or shine I will go walking or for a run. Sitting inside in a funk isn’t going to help, even if it’s lashing I’ll feel great after! Today we attempted Mangerton mountain. Kerry has enough of them so I wanted to see what the fuss was about. Why do I see people giving up a Sunday off to end up cold, wet and tired?



We set off and the ascent was grand (turns out we missed the path completely and literally made our own route) getting covered in mud but laughing the whole way. My sister is great- she will either bully me into something I think I can’t do or will encourage me to do something stupid. Like crossing the swamp that was our chosen path. When we reached the Devils Punchbowl we were too cold to care about the mud. Our sandwiches were devoured overlooking the breathtaking views (although this was probably a mixture of altitude and the snow) We made our descent slowly as we had turned into ice sculptures.


Once we were back at the car I was very proud of us. In 2 weeks we have gone from couch to 10km to 754 metres up to be exact. Recently a lady told me we all need SOS- Sleep, Outdoor Activity and Spirituality(Whatever floats your boat). 3 things I’ve been more aware of since and it has completely changed my attitude. The advice I would give anyone who is feeling down- just get outside! Positive mental health is everything.


Cold, wet and tired? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. I don’t know what the next adventure is but I’m already looking forward to it!



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