Failing Better.

So for a while now I’ve realised that I’m not getting anywhere quickly in life. I’m 25, I have a part time job, I rent and have house plants that suffer as much as my social life.

The lifestyle I am accustomed to is fine, it’s grand. Living week to week gives me the means to pay my rent, bills, get petrol and occasionally purchase lipstick. My family are only too kind to ‘invite’ me to dinner. Our recent trip away was weeks in the planning but also in the saving. The hours I work allow me to enjoy my life, I spend a lot of time outdoors, being able to write and see friends. It will not however see me make those steps from renting to mortgage. Deposits are a thing of myth and are well and truly whispers in the circles I frequent. The desire for my own home is like that of a woman who has heard the call from her internal ticking child-bomb. I would just rather have gorgeous mirrored furniture and white walls without handprints and questionable stains.

Turning 25 I realised something, as much as I enjoy spending a weekend away or dinner out, I have to put my big girl pants on and start ‘looking to the future’. Saving for a rainy day is something I just can’t appreciate especially with the car insurance quote that just came in the post. Moving home is not an option, I may have to live in my car. Maybe Alan Bennett could write a bestseller about me.


Image Credit: Movie Junkie News

All jokes aside I am lucky I’m in a position to pay these things. I have had a job since I was 15, from making beds to teaching art classes. I’m very proud to be independent and that is something that cannot change. It is part of my being. I just suffer from a case of the Azealia Banks’- Broke with expensive taste.


I know I’m not alone in this either, friends and I discuss at length the issue of pay, hours and how the population is going to die out if everyone under 30 keeps leaving. The appeal of running away keeps me going some days. Somewhere with a drought season seems appealing. We’ve said goodbye to plenty of people who have ventured beyond our shores.  It is a sadistic revolving door; some in and more out.

Let us continue to fail better and may the odds be ever in your favour,








2 thoughts on “Failing Better.

  1. fitnessfashionmom says:

    Only reading this now Ebony. I think your 20’s should be exactly designed for ‘failing better’. I’m now 35. Bought my house at 24, married at 26, had a baby by 28, divorced by 30. I would never regret my little boy so I’ve made peace with my choices, however, I would give anyone in their 20’s the same advice. Don’t be in a rush for the adult stuff. Fail, experiment, explore. Travel. Blow all your money on lipsticks. You have a whole life to be in debt to a bank for bricks. Your 20’s shouldn’t be it. Live and try and fail. When the time is right you will know for sure what you want and never look back thinking what if.


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