My love affair continues…

So on my travels I had to visit the newest addition to Convent Garden and her first stand alone store, Charlotte Tilbury. This woman is my Woman Crush Everyday, proving that hard work pays off! Check out her Instagram for makeup inspiration and just her being generally fabulous!

As far as photographs go I didn’t take any, insert bad blogger scolding here. The shop front was so busy, as was the store and I wouldn’t want to make people uncomfortable by snapping away. You can take my word for it though the shop is insanely beautiful. Mercury glass and mirrored furniture, palm tree chandeliers and feathers everywhere. Very glamorous Gatsby style! It is definitely the walk in wardrobe/office dream!

I couldn’t leave without lipstick so I picked up Very Victoria-inspired by Lady Beckham herself. Too beautiful and more nude than I usually go for. I am obsessed with this range of lipstick- matte hues that are long-lasting and don’t dry out the lips. They are available to order from the Brown Thomas online store, ranging from €30-€40. I also bought a pencil sharpener which is honestly the best thing I’ve ever purchased. The battle for perfect lip liner is over! If you are ever in London go, you won’t be disappointed! As if you need to be encouraged…



ps. Read more about my love for CT and her lipstick here


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