My new favourite product!

For years I have experimented with my hair and the results have been good but mostly bad. I’ve been every colour in the rainbow and more. I have always loved being a blonde but last year I decided to give my hair a break from the constant colouring and styling! Although I couldn’t face life without being a little blonde…




My hair is naturally curly and this is something I should appreciate more. So as of February I am going to try to let it get back to its natural state as much as possible. I use styling products and tools that I know help my poor mane but heat still causes damage..I love to use my Toni and Guy hair straightener and Nicky Clarke curling wand as they both have adjustable heat settings. Although I only use the lowest temperature as my hair doesn’t need much heat.


For protection I use a Toni and Guy Nourish Reconstruction mask or Milkshake Active milk mask once a week and I will change my weekly routine between Mane ‘n’ Tail and TRESemmé. I love these products and I will continue to use them!
I have loved using the Mane ‘n’ Tail, it has made my hair so thick and shiny and it has lasted month. Although I’m not a fan of the smell but I know it’s reversing years of abuse so I don’t mind!
TRESemmé never suited my blonde hair I found the shampoo would sit in it and it wouldn’t feel clean but they do wonders for it now. It leaves my hair with beautiful bounce and texture and I find I don’t need to wash and style it as much and it grows so quickly now.


Now onto my favourite product ever.  Bleach London “Violet Skies” is a non permanent colour that will pretty much just stain your blonde hair. I longed for the gorgeous pastel My Little Pony hair trends for years now but never had the balls to try it..until Friday. We were in Boots and I saw them, a nicely stocked section of mermaid shades.. it just spoke to me! I went home did a strand test and waited and voilà!
It was so easy to use- no prepping of the product, no mess, no fuss. Simply wash your hair and towel dry and your ready to go.


Now I knew I wouldn’t go very purple as my hair was still quite dark but I have a purple hue that makes my heart sing! I’m so happy with the results and will definitely purchase it again. Maybe even in a different colour… no stopping me now!

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