Make Up Haul

I went to CH Chemist in Tralee the other day and got caught up in a spending spree as I waited to get my unruly brows tended too. This is my very first beauty haul, I have no idea what I am doing…


Firstly I went straight for the Wet’n’Wild counter, I read Cardigan Jezebel’s blog post about her favourite lipsticks which I then needed to try! So I bought lipstick in the beautiful shade Mocha-licious and lip liner in Chestnut. I am completely in love with this brand now as the pigment in the lipstick is really nice, matte and doesn’t dry out your lips. Also the lip liner is about a foot long for €1.99 and is a perfect shade for plenty of my berry lipsticks!


I have an aversion to glitter eyeshadow as I wear contact lenses and feel like tearing my eyes out after about half an hour. Dry eyes is the most uncomfortable thing so buying a Wet’n’Wild eyeshadow palette was strange, but the colours were too lovely to leave behind. This picture does them no justice…


So pigmented and soft, the browbone and definer shades are just too beautiful! Easily blended and not much fall out as to irritate my eyes. A winner in my books. From there I moved onto the NYX counter and found a fully stocked HD Concealer section- this made me really happy as it is usually empty! I picked up shades 01 and 10 for the horrendous bags under my eyes and redness around my nose. The Wonder Pencil in Light was recommended by a fellow shopper who said it saved so much time when highlighting, I have yet to use it but will write another post when the time comes. I recently “lost” my beauty blender, I suspect my boyfriend discarded it from the bathroom not knowing how vital it is. And for €5.99 I grabbed a new one and two more staples for my makeup bag- Essence all eyes on me mascara (which picks up all my stubby lashes) and Rimmel eyebrow pencil in Hazel. I have one in every handbag, the car and work locker.

On my way out I visited the Benefit counter and met Aoife, she was honestly great help! I always pick foundation that is too light- although my skin is pale I am actually a fine shade of purple. She recommended I try the Hello Flawless in Honey- I loved it! I have always used Rimmel’s Match Perfection for everyday and Mac- Face and Body for going out but this is like wearing new skin! I am a much healthier colour now and don’t feel like I am constantly run down looking.

After this I scarpered. I needed to escape before another salesperson dragged me back in.. not like I need any excuses! As for my brows the Aura ladies did a lovely job and I will definitely be going back!



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