December 1st: Time to be festive!

Happy festive December greetings!! I honestly can’t believe it is December already, where did the year go? As a January baby I feel my birthday has only just passed and it is coming around again! 😕

Although I am not taking part in Blogmas I shall be writing Christmas themed posts and obviously following everyone else’s Blogmas like an excited child! This is the first year I have been festive for a long time, I always found the holiday to be bit of a downer but I am very much looking forward to this year! 😄

I wish you could smell my house right now, I have just taken the baked goods from the oven and it smells amazing!


Gingerbread Goodness (Tesco Recipe)

(In the steps it states to chill dough for 15 minutes, I left it overnight as the mixture is very sticky!)

So easy to make and would be great fun for little ones! I prefer them naked but will ice and decorate some later to give out to friends.


They also make for a decent breakfast with coffee!

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