New year = stationary haul.

I love a list.
(this may be on ongoing theme throughout my blog, I apologise now)
I write lists a lot, therefore I need a lot of stationary. Nothing feels or looks as good as a new diary.
So coming into a new year a new diary is needed. Last year for my birthday I got this beautiful Paperchase diary-

diaryit is perfect, nice size and teal. I just needed to find the inserts- not as easy as I thought! Seeing as Paperchase have yet to branch as far out as K-town. I usually source something else but I found that filofax inserts will fit. Problem solved! Now I just use this one for personal use- bills to pay, birthdays, meet-ups and rota etc. It is so handy and I feel less scatty
when I have jotted down thing I need to do. I believe everyone should have one. Although I use my phone diary just as much I think writing it down cements it in my head.

Moving onto blog things- having a notebook on me at all times is necessary for my brain. Car keys, wallet, phone, notebook.
What if I had an amazing idea and no way to write it down. I often have one by my bed so if I wake in the night I can jot it
down and in the morning veto all of them. Notebooks come in literally every shape and size.This is where I have to exercise
control otherwise I would end up carryinga library around with me, I found these fab lightweight notebooks in TK Maxx the other day
for €3.

Perfect for jotting down ideas while out and about. The other purchase I made instore were these beautiful file


Too fab not to have and I have a weakness for gold. I keep a file labelled ‘Important Shit’ at home but even that is a total mess! I plan to buy a case in which I can sort through the 100’s of pieces of paper that obviously really need to be in my life! Am I the only person who has a fear of throwing out anything with my name on? I keep every bank statement, p60, payslip etc. what do I do with them? They take up so much space.
Honestly need a secretary at this stage but these will at least make me want to do it! I have a birthday coming up and saw these decorations and had to have them.

The tassel bunting is pastels and gold.
I don’t have to explain myself just look- its fab! As well as the bunting I picked up a box of pin wheel decorations- these
guys make me smile like a lunatic. So subtle but totally pinteresting (get it?). I will definetly be revisiting the stationary section of TK Maxx again- although no more notebooks are necessary untill 2017. So now that I have bored you will my haul ditherment I shall sign off with just a quick note I got 3 books for Christmas that I really love- Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter and Grampa’s  Great Escape.(*Please support local bookshops!)

Lousie Pentland or Sprinkle of Glitter released a book that is really just a nice read and something that you can
have a flip through while having some downtime. The other is the newest David Walliams book – this is the first one I’ve read
and even though it is a childrens book I am loving it- very Roald Dahl. It is very sweet and yes I cried. The third is the most beautiful colouring book I’ve ever seen- Harry Potter scenes that I will spend ages doing properly. Such a thoughtful gift I love it!

Hopefully this has brought some comfort to those who also worry that they suffer from a stationary addiction. You are not alone. Unless I am alone in which case I have gorgeous stationary to keep me company!

Happy New Years Eve!



Boxing Day..

I love Boxing Day, getting up late, double tapping some instags of gifts my friends got, using the gorgeous Elizabeth Arden face cream I got from my mum, still eating… still.

Everything seems to slow down on this day. We have had a very lazy day which is really nice because we don’t usually get to hang out like this. My hair is scraped up, no make up, big cup of coffee and we are watching UFC.. glamorous!! But blissfully happy.

Soon I’ll decide what to wear this evening, Boxing Day drinks with friends is something I always look forward too. Although I hope the rain will stop! I will post properly again soon but for now this will do..


I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas.


What 2016 will bring…

2015 was a crazy year for me. I was in full time college, part time work, spending every waking moment either writing assignments or at work. I had zero me time. Although I was grateful I was able to go back to college, I absolutely loved it, did really well in my exams, loved my work experience in the hospital, full distinctions across the board, jumped and cleared every hurdle- I didn’t get where I wanted to be.

This threw me completely. I had just organised my life around another 5 years of being in college and working and everything had been planned. As a person who has most things planned to a tee, every possible list written and slight ocd issues to be able complete my plan was awful.. thankfully I still had my job, my home and I consoled myself with the idea or reapplying next year. For a country crying out for nurses/midwives you would imagine they would be willing to train as many as possible. I knew my age would go against me but there is always next year!

With so much free time after the news I was able to throw myself fully back into work and enjoy having a social life again- reconnecting with friends who thought I had fallen off the planet. I forgot how nice it was to read a book that wasn’t about Anatomy and Physiology. How YouTube videos didn’t have to be about the birthing process. With this I then decided to start my blog. I had one years ago but was mainly about crafting and art etc. This was more personal, one that I could write without a care who read it or to post recipes I enjoyed cooking. I also think I missed writing on a laptop and this helped!

I attended an Irish Blogger Association event and things just kind of took off! I met other bloggers, realised how much of a community there was out there! With so much support and opportunities I decided to really give blogging a chance and I am so glad I have. I have written my goals for 2016 for both my blog and I..

For Me-

I need to learn to chill. Especially in the last few weeks my anxiety and stress levels have been through the roof. Using the blog I escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So I plan to continue blogging and growing it into something I can be really proud of!

I would love to go to Italy, Amsterdam and back to Brighton.

I may or may not get braces.

I will reapply to go to college. I took a knock but don’t think it’ll stop me!

For my blog-

Be more consistent! I’ve tried my hardest to stick to Tuesdays. But life gets in the way and I don’t even get a chance to schedule a post!

Take better photos and learn to be tech savvy!  I wing my posts and would love to have more knowledge! I also plan to attend the soonest Into The West Blogging Network Blog School– it sounds so good!

Build up my followers and write great content, although I still think it is mental that anyone would want to read it, I love that people do! Thank you!!! 🙂

I’m sure I will think of more things later but these are things I am going to make happen! Really looking forward to 2016, although I turn 25 on January 2nd, it should be a great year!!

After all it is the little things that make it special…


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Make Up Haul

I went to CH Chemist in Tralee the other day and got caught up in a spending spree as I waited to get my unruly brows tended too. This is my very first beauty haul, I have no idea what I am doing…


Firstly I went straight for the Wet’n’Wild counter, I read Cardigan Jezebel’s blog post about her favourite lipsticks which I then needed to try! So I bought lipstick in the beautiful shade Mocha-licious and lip liner in Chestnut. I am completely in love with this brand now as the pigment in the lipstick is really nice, matte and doesn’t dry out your lips. Also the lip liner is about a foot long for €1.99 and is a perfect shade for plenty of my berry lipsticks!


I have an aversion to glitter eyeshadow as I wear contact lenses and feel like tearing my eyes out after about half an hour. Dry eyes is the most uncomfortable thing so buying a Wet’n’Wild eyeshadow palette was strange, but the colours were too lovely to leave behind. This picture does them no justice…


So pigmented and soft, the browbone and definer shades are just too beautiful! Easily blended and not much fall out as to irritate my eyes. A winner in my books. From there I moved onto the NYX counter and found a fully stocked HD Concealer section- this made me really happy as it is usually empty! I picked up shades 01 and 10 for the horrendous bags under my eyes and redness around my nose. The Wonder Pencil in Light was recommended by a fellow shopper who said it saved so much time when highlighting, I have yet to use it but will write another post when the time comes. I recently “lost” my beauty blender, I suspect my boyfriend discarded it from the bathroom not knowing how vital it is. And for €5.99 I grabbed a new one and two more staples for my makeup bag- Essence all eyes on me mascara (which picks up all my stubby lashes) and Rimmel eyebrow pencil in Hazel. I have one in every handbag, the car and work locker.

On my way out I visited the Benefit counter and met Aoife, she was honestly great help! I always pick foundation that is too light- although my skin is pale I am actually a fine shade of purple. She recommended I try the Hello Flawless in Honey- I loved it! I have always used Rimmel’s Match Perfection for everyday and Mac- Face and Body for going out but this is like wearing new skin! I am a much healthier colour now and don’t feel like I am constantly run down looking.

After this I scarpered. I needed to escape before another salesperson dragged me back in.. not like I need any excuses! As for my brows the Aura ladies did a lovely job and I will definitely be going back!



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Winter Wonderland



In the small town of Kenmare lies a little shop called The White Room. A shop filled with so many trinkets and sparkly things you would think you have stepped into Aladdins cave! Now I am slightly biased here, as anything to do with interiors I already love, but there is something special about this place. A family business for

Mum and I visited about 2 weeks ago on a rare day off together, decided to brave the elements and I’m so glad we did. Not only did we pick up some Christmas decorations we ended up buying a tree too! With too much choice we spent a good hour looking around and finally decided on what we needed not necessarily what we wanted…

After all the shopping we were starved and headed to the recommended cafe called Mick and Jimmys, we both ordered the mushroom soup and had (honestly) the most amazing rhubarb crumble for dessert. If you need somewhere to eat in Kenmare go and see these guys.

I’m off to decorate my house now, desperately trying to recreate the magic of The White Room but I’ll get no where near it! ha!


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December 1st: Time to be festive!

Happy festive December greetings!! I honestly can’t believe it is December already, where did the year go? As a January baby I feel my birthday has only just passed and it is coming around again! 😕

Although I am not taking part in Blogmas I shall be writing Christmas themed posts and obviously following everyone else’s Blogmas like an excited child! This is the first year I have been festive for a long time, I always found the holiday to be bit of a downer but I am very much looking forward to this year! 😄

I wish you could smell my house right now, I have just taken the baked goods from the oven and it smells amazing!


Gingerbread Goodness (Tesco Recipe)

(In the steps it states to chill dough for 15 minutes, I left it overnight as the mixture is very sticky!)

So easy to make and would be great fun for little ones! I prefer them naked but will ice and decorate some later to give out to friends.


They also make for a decent breakfast with coffee!

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