Christmas Boxes for the Homeless

The festive season is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ but for some it can be very tough!

This year with the homeless crisis rising in Ireland I couldn’t help but think of them coming into the Christmas period. I wanted to do something but couldn’t think of what until a friend told me about this appeal; A Christmas Box for the Homeless. They are looking for gift wrapped boxes to be filled with treats, items of clothing, sanitary products, books, and games for men, women, children and even dogs!


I decided to fill two Christmas bags (as I couldn’t find boxes big enough) with items for a man and a woman. I found nice thick thermal gloves, thermal flasks, sanitary products, chocolate, Sudoku and crossword books, never worn shoes and coat. As I had a budget I tried to think of each person and what I could do to put a smile on their faces. The site advises what/ not to put into the bags but here is a list you can follow!

Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash
Shower gel,soap
Face cloth
Babywipes, face wipes
Women’s sanitary products

Warm winter wear;
Underwear (New!)
Warm Gloves, Warm Hat
Socks (New!)

Sleeping bags

Chocolate, sweets, crisps, cereal bars, pack of cards, a game, cigarettes, a puzzle or book! Or get creative.

What not to put in-
Glass bottle liquids, alcohol, out of date foods by Christmas, breakables or sharp items.

You can print the pages off the site and attach them to your boxes, it is really very simple! The last day for the boxes is December 4th but they realistically need them by the end of November.

The drop point for Killarney is the Riverside Hotel, Flesk Road. The site has every possible answer to your questions and are very nice so contact them if you need too!

Please do try to make up some boxes this season, hopefully this will put a smile on someone’s face come Christmas time 🙂






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