Lipstick Love

Last Wednesday I cleaned out my handbag, actually I was forced to clean it as I had lost my drivers license. This is a rare opportunity to get rid of the junk, receipts, tickets, sweet wrappers, coins.. and discover strange things like a torch, an old bulb and some cable ties. (Why?)

As I sorted through the debris I seemed to be gathering quite the collection of favourite lipsticks! Ones I have rebought countless times and new ones I’m not so keen on which were obviously discarded into the abisss never to see the light of day again!

I love lipstick; it can instantly lift your mood or outfit or instantly ruin a white shirt! If I’m not at work I’m wearing it. You can always tell what I’ve been drinking out of because it’s covered in dark berry smudges!

I decided to showcase the well used and well loved lipsticks in my life-



Catrice- Luminous Lips Wood Rose Propose
Rimmel- Starry Eyed
New Look- Pure Colour Plum
Rimmel- Kate Moss Matte 107
Seventeen- Stay Pout Rule Breaker
Also found was Mac- Ruby Woo but was too crushed and gross to picture!

Can you guess the theme? Unless it’s berry or red I cannot wear it. I tried a nude lip but ended up looking like Edward Scissorhands..

Although I have plenty I always want more and taunting me through every social medium known was a lady called Charlotte Tilbury. And this beautiful creation is Love Liberty.


I have wanted this lipstick since I saw it used in a tutorial about a year ago! Although stocked in Brown Thomas, it would mean a trip to Dublin to buy it! (Come on Cork store, sort it out please!) I’m aware there is an online service but it is just not the same!
I love matte, creamy textures that aren’t going to dry out my lips and this is perfect! Not only is the packaging completely beautiful, it is addictive and now I need the whole collection.

So Santa, if you are reading..

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