Friday 13th

On a day which is regarded as unlucky, I feel it has always been lucky for me! I love the suspicions, black cats crossing your path and the fact tattoos around the world are celebrated!!

Friday 13th as far as I can remember has been a tradition among the artists and collectors of the world- all designed around the number 13. When one of the local studios- Ancient Ritual Tattoos advertised the flash sale we had to go! I have a few already but wanted to add to the collection.


Not just for me though.. my brother, sister, boyfriend and bestie also got tagged! Sorry Moms.

I went home that evening and turned on the tv and what I saw was heartbreaking. Paris had been targeted and over 100 people already killed. Twitter was going crazy. People I knew in Paris were letting us know they were safe but still in danger. Hearing about an attack close to home really makes you sit up and listen- hearing daily news about attacks in Syria, Lebanon, nuclear this, air strike that.. it becomes white noise. This shocked me to the core.

I felt as though my new tattoo actually meant something other than just a random act today, a bird for freedom maybe? I certainly won’t forget that day.
As I write this there has been another attack in Kenya.. Pray for Earth, not just Paris. We are all human! 🌎🌏🌍

Safe travels everyone,

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