Today we climbed..


My friend and I are on a quest to be more active. Well, she is, I have yet to fully commit to this idea..
Although today really changed my mind! I am so lazy when I want to be. I even  cycled the Ring of Kerry for Down Syndrome Ireland this summer.. (excuse the awful photo!)


I used to walk, run, climb, swim, go to the gym but none of it helped! I hated the idea of being in a gym where people are watching me and my face getting more and more red and frustrated. I have such respect for these Fit fam ladies because you have the stamina and willpower that I was born without!!

I have noticed that with age (yes I am actually saying this) that I do not have the ability to eat whatever I like and do nothing about it- so I reached an empasse. Either eat what I want, buy bigger pants and be miserable OR do something about it.
I love to bake, cook and obviously eat.. probably too much! I’ve seen the benefits of dairy, gluten and sugar free but none of it appeals to me. So begins the experiment, can I maintain a lifestyle I am comfortable with? Let’s see.




We climbed Torc today, I would’ve laughed at someone saying we could have done it in under 2 hours. It was beautiful and I was so happy I did it. I have to stop putting restrictions on myself. It’s too easy to make excuses! So from now on I will say yes to more!

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