Halloween Garden and Creations

Halloween is our favorite holiday and our house would be decorated like this at all times if we could get away with it! My clever Mum can make just about anything out of paper! 

My favorite though are the Halloween themed creations! From table decorations to free standing Haunted Houses cards to Trick or Treat bags- this lady has them all! You can check out her blog if you fancy- http://scrapzville.blogspot.ie/




The brown paper bag which has been transformed into a ‘Witches Broom’ trick or treat bag is so cute!! My favorite is the lovely center piece on the kitchen table- with handmade autumnal jars for candles (a Pinterest idea that actually looks good when attempted at home!) I tried making my own version of this at home and I think I will keep it all year round and change it season to season.



We are very lucky to have a garden that looks especially well around this time of year! Full of trees that have turned red and gorgeous with quirky things that have been collected over the years (so those cobwebs are real!) and are much loved! I think I might have to re-home the spiderweb lantern very soon…


On days like this I like proper comfort food and that is always going to be pizza!! IMG_20151019_202356We started making our own and they are delicious- and I’m not just saying that 😄 (When I say making I really mean assembling) I used pizza bases for these but naan bread is actually better! Some chunky sweet potato wedges go really well with them… I’m off to attempt some cake pops for the next post which will most definitely be Halloween based!




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