Winter food

IMG_20150923_185545Taking inspiration from our visit to the Pieman stand at EP we decided we needed to try our own.

I cheated using Jus Roll pastry but next time I will try my own shortcrust and sauce!


2-3 chicken breasts- diced

2 carrots, a head of broccoli, half an onion and lots of mushrooms!

Mixed herbs, salt and pepper

Ready made shortcrust pastry (take this out of the fridge before you start prepping)

Condensed mushroom soup- I used Erin

IMG_20150923_185450Finely chop onion and dice chicken, brown off the chicken in a slightly oiled pan and season with herbs and salt and pepper.

Once cooked, put chicken onto a plate and reuse pan to sauté the vegetables.

At this point I preheat the oven, 180 degrees.

While the veg is cooking, flour dust your counter top and roll out the pastry (now at room temperature) to fit your dish. Remember to leave some aside for the lid! Brush a little oil around the dish and line with the pastry- using parchment and baking beads- blind bake for about 10-12 minutes. Roll out the rest of pastry to create the lid!

Once the veg has softened add the chicken and soup to the pan and mix throughly. Take the dish out of oven and carefully remove the beads and parchment paper. IMG_20150923_185639

Fill the pie and add the lid- I am not the most precise so this never looks pretty! I will practise my pinching next time! Brush a little egg over the top to get a nice glaze and remember to poke 2 or 3 holes in the middle!

Cook for about 45-50 mins depending.IMG_20150922_210420

Serve with mash potato and gravy and enjoy this lovely, winter evening dinner!




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