Dog Show

20150818_121300For the first time ever it didn’t rain at the dog show today! I have always loved going to the dog show and trying to spot my favourites. 20150818_123223We saw the St. Bernard, Sheepdog and Golden Retriever competitions, one of the owners was dressed so well I had to take a photo. Although he didn’t run with them he watched and cheered like they were his own babies at school sports day! 20150818_123002As we had little ones in tow we didn’t get up close with as many as I would have liked but I did meet Olympus, she was a beautiful bulldog and they are my favourite breed!!! I’m not a huge fan of the little dogs so I am always keen to see the huge breeds like Newfoundland, Great Danes and Staffs.

Mum met and fell in love with a Scottish Deerhound who was just as tall as I am! 20150818_122039As it is never advertised actually getting to see the show was great and I can’t wait to have my own pups. Although they probably would never be as well behaved as the ones we met today!



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